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Synchro Arts Revoice Pro V3 1 1 3 X64 WIN AudioUTOPiA [Latest]




wav editing capabilities. RevoicePro is particularly designed to make the modification process for the non-composer user simple, elegant, and easy, while maintaining the same high-quality results as if performed by a well-trained, experienced audio engineer. RevoicePro was created by Richard Thomas, a multi-instrumentalist, professional audio editor, and composer who creates original music scores and sound tracks for the film and TV industry. Overview RevoicePro offers a comprehensive set of features to its users, including automatic editing (which is similar to Finale's auto-editing feature), automatic Finale pitch translation, automatic time-marking, automatic Finale and RevoicePro pitch-shifting, automatic Finale and RevoicePro note alignment, and tight .wav editing. RevoicePro is sold through the App Store and Google Play. Users who purchase through the Mac App Store will be sent a key at the time of purchase, allowing them to download the program and install it on any Mac. The Mac App Store does not provide keys to users on Linux, Android, or Windows. Upon download, users are prompted to create an account. After creating an account and logging in, the program begins its installation process. During this process, the user is given a choice to begin either a Standard (initial) or a Pro (upgrade) installation. Features RevoicePro offers all features of Finale, but includes the following additional features: Automatic editing One of the most unique features of RevoicePro is its ability to automatically edit soundtracks, allowing users to avoid the "pain" of using manual editing processes to achieve a specific result. RevoicePro makes it possible for users to automate many aspects of the editing process using two unique methods: auto-pitch and auto-timing. Users start by importing an external song file or audio file into the program. From there, users can identify regions of the file containing pitch-shifting or timestretching effects, then use RevoicePro to automatically generate edits that do not alter the song's original pitch or time signature. Users are also able to use auto-pitch and auto-timing to quickly edit the time and pitch in sections of the song they would like to have be re-timed and/or pitch-shifted. This is particularly useful for certain types of soundtracks, such as those with large amounts of re




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Synchro Arts Revoice Pro V3 1 1 3 X64 WIN AudioUTOPiA [Latest]

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