The Result of 5 years of research with a team of psychologists, linguists and specialists in mathematics.

CFIT is an intelligence test which was designed and developed to assess general intelligence of a person and his ability to learn. It was created with the primary objective to provide a comprehensive assessment of the intelligence that is both flexible and efficient.
CFIT is at the forefront of research on intelligence and tested with a diverse population and representative of American society . CFIT provides a measure of fluid intelligence of the individual, which is not affected by his understanding of the language and understanding gained. It also provides information on crystallized intelligence of the individual, acquired during his life.

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The CFIT gives you a complete analysis of the cognitive abilities

CFIT for a Cognitive Fit


It consists of five subtests that measure fluid and crystallized intelligence . It provides information on verbal, numerical and spatial skills.

Context for which CFIT is essential.
In a recruitment context, skills development and training, a measure of intelligence can be used to ensure that the individual has the skills and knowledge required in view of the requirements related to the job or training.
CFIT provides a valid and reliable measure of intelligence and allows the professional to assess the cognitive abilities of the individual effectively and simply.

CFIT is administered by computer via the Internet, on the site. The professional who wishes to administer the CFIT must have a user account with access to


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30 minutes

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15 years and older

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Cognitive Abilities

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Individual or in Group