Gordon L. Ph.D., Chevrier J.M, D.Ps.

The IPVI offers an analysis by a dual approach in assessing both the behavior and values of people.
The assessment of potential and his performance is seen by the results of the evaluation of his personality. It is the analysis of the values that brings out the motivation of the candidate, and the foundations of what drives him to act. By offering such an analysis the IPVI responds well to the challenges of modern recruitment by offering a tool that considers factors such as mobility, corporate values, skills assessment, coaching.


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30 minutes

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15 years and older

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8 personality traits and 6 values

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Individual or in Group

This questionnaire allows adults (15 and over) of all socio-cultural level to get an accurate assessment of his personality. It has the merit of reconciling the practical imperatives of test administration and the methodological rigor of psychometrics.

North American normative data were established in 2015.
It provides, in about thirty minutes, the valid elements of an analysis of the entire personality, in terms clear and well-defined. The IPVI-3 present 8 important and universal personality traits and values 6. Find out if personality traits and values of a candidate will be an asset to your organization.
After many studies and extensive research conducted over the past thirty years, the authors developed a questionnaire to measure personality in daily and normal situation. Successive factor analyzes led it to hold eight personnality trait and 6 core values. In recent decades the work of Gordon - Chevrier have defined a tool to measure the personality and values that has high validity and reliability.

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