Personality tests
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Big Five

Short version
60 items
8 minutes

long version
105 items
15 minutes

Designed to measure personality traits of the theory of five factors («Big Five»). Learn More

Murray Scales
242 items
30 minutes

The IPVI analysis the values of the candidate, and the foundations of what drives him to act. Learn More

105 items
15 minutes

The ISPE give an indicator of the entrepreneurship trait of candidates and employes. Learn More

Assess for Personality

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Improved communication and teamwork

Managers who use the personality reports of their team are able to communicate better. When giving feedback or coaching employe the understanding of their personality can make it easier and more effective. When taking personality into account with your interactions you can engage and motivate your team.

Better performance

The assessment of personality when making a hiring decision is important to predict the future performance of the candidate. Learn if the candidate is the right fit for your team. You want to hire candidate who will embrace the culture of your business.


When you increase self-awareness the employes are able to leverage their strenght and identify the things you need to work on and help employe grow and manage their careers. Employe are able to adapt how they communicate with one another when they have a better understanding of their strength and weakness.