Psychometrics Tests Meet Talent Management.

Our tests have the best psychometrics quality. They show strong result and have been the subject of many research. The addition of assessment of cognitive abilities, personality and motivation will help you predict the candidates future job performance.

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The IQ and job performance relationship have been extensively study and research conclude that cognitive abilities is a direct indicator of perfomance.

By assessing cognitive abilities you get candidate that will be able to adapt and perform through changes.


There is a relationship between personality and job performance.

Learn if the candidate is a good fit for your team and with your business value.

Screen out candidates whose personalities won't mesh with the culture.

Hire Candidate that have extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

Motivation explain part of the reason why some employe will perform better than other.

Our Motivation Test help you understand with motivate your employe and you you can increase their motivation.

irptalent publish only renowned test from researchers
irptalent is a division of institute of psychological research. Test publisher established in 1964

Reasons to choose our
psychometric test platform

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Our questionnaires are non-invasive and respectful of privacy. They do not aim to measure the level of morality of individuals. All questions relating to the professional sphere.

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Our tests are scientifically valid

Each psychometric test is the subject of several years of research and meets the standards of the american psychological association

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Products and examples available

Several manuals are available on the platform as well with statistical studies of our tests and report examples for tests on the platform.

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Our solutions have been designed to be able to be used by all.

The information we have at your disposal allow you to have a clear view on the potential of your candidates and employees as well as understand the impact of their operating results on a daily basis, this whatever your level expertise.

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Try one test for free

Our online assessment platform. Try it for free. You can call at the IRP or you can send us an email to try our platform for free before you subscribe.

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Buy only what you need

No annual subscription or license fee. You pay for what you use, no other fees.

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General advantages of the platform

secure online access round the clock, 7 days 7
Availability on request in regard to reliable scoring solutions and comprehensive reporting solutions, not available with manual scoring option
Price established for each report, allowing a flexible approach to payment.

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Easy to register

You can register to our platform by completing our registration form on our interactive website directly:
You can also call us during our opening hours to register on our platform. Registration is done in less than 5 minutes.

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Save time

Fast, easy, and accurate administration with automated scoring.

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Customer service

You can get a customer service email, calling us or by Skype. You can ask for assistance to our employees who are trained for this purpose. They’ll take the time you need so you understand irptesting.

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Interpretive reports

Provide in-depth descriptions of assessment results.