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SOFTY is an affordable online recruiting software.
Get up and running in minutes, no downloads or training required.

Psychometric assessment

SOFTY offer you an integrated system of assessment of candidates. Our tests have the best psychometrics qualities.

Organize your candidates

Candidate resumes are automatically organized for easy screening. Add notes and feedback

Post Jobs directly on job board

In less than 5 minutes post your job to all the major job boards and social networks

SOFTY is a simple HR software that customer Love!

The best psychometrics test for predictive recruiting
By focusing on what customers really need, we’ve proven we can offer exceptional functionality that’s affordable.

Get real business results with lower turnover and better alignment.

Work more efficiently with your hiring team
Streamline your hiring process

SOFTY you’ll Get the Best Psychometrics Tests

Our tests have the best psychometrics quality. They show strong result and have been the subject of many research. The addition of assessment of cognitive abilities, personality and motivation will help you predict the candidates future job performance.

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The IQ and job performance relationship have been extensively study and research conclude that cognitive abilities is a direct indicator of perfomance.

By assessing cognitive abilities you get candidate that will be able to adapt and perform through changes.


There is a relationship between personality and job performance.

Learn if the candidate is a good fit for your team and with your business value.

Screen out candidates whose personalities won't mesh with the culture.

Hire Candidate that have extrinsic and intrinsic motivation.

Motivation explain part of the reason why some employe will perform better than other.

Our Motivation Test help you understand with motivate your employe and you you can increase their motivation.


With SOFTY recruiting software solution, you can attract and engage new hires with a seamlessly integrated experience

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Unbeatable value