CFIT - Crystallized and Fluid Intelligence Test

Since this is a restricted test, we ask that you send us an e-mail to verify your identity. This procedure is necessary in order to preserve the psychometric properties of the tool and to keep the contents confidential.

The CFIT is an intelligence test designed and developed to assess the general intelligence of a person and their ability to learn. It was created with the primary objective of providing a comprehensive, flexible and efficient assessment of intelligence.

After 5 years of research with a team of psychologists, linguists and specialists in mathematics, the CFIT is at the forefront of research on intelligence, and tested with a population diverse and representative of the American society. The CFIT provides a measure of the fluid intelligence of an individual, which is not affected by their understanding of the language or the intelligence acquired. It also provides information on the crystallized intelligence of the individual, acquired throughout their life.

CFIT - for a cognitive fit

G = ( Gf + Gc)

It consists of five subtests that measure fluid and crystallized intelligence . It provides useful information on verbal, numerical and spatial skills.

Contexts for which the CFIT is essential.

In contexts of recruitment, skills development, and training, a measure of intelligence can be used to ensure that the candidates have the skills and knowledge required for the job or training.

The CFIT provides a valid and reliable measure of intelligence, and allows the professionals to effectively and simply assess the cognitive abilities of the candidates.

The CFIT measure:

General Intelligence  ; g Factor
Crystallized Intelligence, Gc
Fluid intelligence, Gf

Verbal ability
Numerical ability
Spatial ability

The CFIT is administered by computer via the Internet, on the website. There is no paper version of the test. The professional who wishes to administer the CFIT must have a user account giving them access to the platform. The test requires an administration time of about 30-35 minutes. It consists of 5 sections, timed for a total of 26 minutes.


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30 minutes

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15 years and older

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Cognitive Habilities

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Individual or in Group