Concentrated attention test

Visual attention and concentration test

The D2 test assesses the ability to distinguish details in a limited time with a mobilization of concentration.

This test can be used for recruitment and to strengthen the company's security policy.

The ability of concentration and attention is critical for numerous positions in industry or transport, and can be easily measured during the recruitment process.

Original developed for the evaluation of driving abilities, the D2 became one of the reference tests for attention assessment across Europe. This test does not depend on the intelligence of the candidates, but on their ability to discern details. It therefore aims to take over the visual attention and concentration.

It ensures the capacity of attention in critical situations or positions.

Through a visual medium, the D2 reveals an ability to concentrate based on external visual stimulation.

Its success requires individual coordination stimulation, and control functions that are manifested in the form of three behavioural components:

The timing and /or amount: the volume of information processed in a given unit of time (stimulation).

Positive quality: the care and precision of the service provided is inversely determined along with error rates (control).

The time course of action: It allows to draw conclusions about the specifics of behaviour at work, such as the initial excitement, consistency or instability, early saturation, fatigue and other criteria (control).

The capacity for concentration therefore results of the individual coordination of these behavioural components.


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8 minutes
Correction: 5 minutes 

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15 and older

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Concentrated attention test

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