HIT - How I think Questionnaire

Alvaro Q. Barriga, Ph.D., John C. Gibbs, Ph.D., Granville Bud Potter, M.Ed et Albert K.Liau Ph.D.

This widely used questionnaire can be used independently, or to enhance the EQUIP training program. It measures four categories of self-serving cognitive distortions (thinking errors), Self-Centered, Blaming Others, Minimizing/Mislabeling, and Assuming the Worst. The questionnaire is a 54 item measure that can be administered in groups or individually.

It is usually completed in 5 to 15 minutes, and requires only a fourth-grade reading level. The questionnaire, which includes scoring and computation instructions and forms, is useful for assessment, treatment planning, tracking therapeutic progress, and individual or program-level evaluation of outcomes.

The How I Think (HIT) Questionnaire is sold in sets of 20 along with a 44 pages manual.

The How I Think (HIT) Questionnaire contains 54 items divided into four cognitive distortion subscales:

Blaming Others
Assuming the Worst

The items are also applied to four behavioral referent subscales:
Physical Aggression


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5 to 15 minutes

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Reading level of a fourth grader

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Delinquent behaviour

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