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LSB 50 is a short version of a list of symptoms, allowing you to quickly assess the psychological symptoms of a patient. This is a scale based on self-assessment. This test is used to support the psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and other health professionals in their clinical decision-making on the admission of new patients during treatment in various environments.

Designed for patients aged 13 and older, the evaluation tool LSB 50 is versatile and evaluates a wide range of psychological problems and psychopathological symptoms in a variety of settings. This classic assessment is also useful for measuring a patient's progress and treatment outcomes.
It can be used to: Provide a first clinical evaluation Objectively support the decisions related to care management Assess the patients’ progress during and after treatment in order to track changes Advantages: brief assessment; can be completed in 6-10 minutes Open for repeated administrations over time, in order to assess the progress of patients

Evaluates 8 primary symptom dimensions Designed in order to provide an overview of a patient's symptoms, and the intensity thereof at a specific time.
Includes validity scales and an overall index of the symptoms’ severity.
The validity scales: Amplification of symptoms, symptoms Minimization
General indices: Global severity index Number of symptoms present Index of intensity of the symptoms present Clinical Scale Psycho-reactivity, hypersensitivity, Obsession - compulsion, Anger - Hostility, anxiety, somatization, depression, sleep disorder.


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5 to 10 minutes

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13 years old and over

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Personality Psychopathology

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